What`s the Difference between PIAA Si-Tech and Hella Cleantech Wiper Blades?

2019-12-06 13:06:55 by Daniel Charlesworth

Choosing the right wiper blades for your vehicle can mean the difference between a smudgy windshield and clear visibility. No matter how bright your headlamps are, if you’ve got inferior wiper blades, you’re compromising your safety. With so many wiper blades to pick from, it’s hard to know which are the best. In this article, we’ll compare two options—the PIAA Si-Tech and Hella Cleantech wiper blades—and help you choose the blades that fit your needs.

5 things to do before you drive in the snow

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Do Upgrade Car Bulbs Generate More Heat?

2018-06-12 12:37:10 by Andrew Duncan

If you're wanting to get the most out of your car lights, you'll be looking into upgrading your bulbs. Upgrade bulbs typically do one of two things: give you extra light on the road, or give you a whiter light.

First-time buyers of upgrade headlight bulbs often ask if these bulbs will generate more heat. The perception is that more light equals more heat. However, nowadays, this isn't usually the case. Lighting manufacturers have found more effective ways to increase the power of bulbs without generating any extra heat.

Keep on reading to find out more about upgrades, including the different types of bulbs available.

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Driving at night in winter

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Are HID Conversion Kits Legal When Fitted On Cars?

2010-03-30 00:00:00 by Power Bulbs

Your Questions Answered: Are Xenon HID kits legal?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding HID conversion kits. Many of our customers love the stylish look and brighter beam that xenon headlight bulbs can produce and want to achieve this using their halogen system. In a nutshell, HID kits are not road legal, because they're classed as an aftermarket modification.

Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know, or skip to the bottom of this post for our brilliantly bright alternatives to a xenon HID conversion kit…

How Do I Change My Headlight Bulbs?

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