Are Sidelights a Legal Requirement?

2019-10-29 12:33:05 by Daniel Charlesworth

Sidelights are often overlooked when it comes to automotive lighting. Most drivers are more concerned with ensuring their headlights, taillights, and brake lights are working properly. But if your sidelights are out, or if you’re considering modifying them, you’ll want to know the laws regarding sidelights.

What`s The Difference Between OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Boost and OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Intense?

2019-10-29 11:59:16 by Daniel Charlesworth

OSRAM is one of the most well-known brands in automotive bulbs. Based in Germany, OSRAM has been making bulbs for a hundred years, and is considered one of the most trusted brands in automotive bulbs. OSRAM makes a variety of bulbs, including both halogen and HID headlight bulbs.

 OSRAM’s Xenarc bulbs are HID headlight bulbs that are perfect for a variety of vehicles and uses, from everyday headlights to styling bulbs. Choosing the right bulb to fit your needs can be tricky, especially when bulbs look alike at first glance. In this article, we’ll take a look at two of OSRAM’s most popular Xenarc bulbs – the Cool Blue Boost and the Cool Blue Intense.

When Should I Use My Fog Lights?

2019-10-22 13:55:43 by Daniel Charlesworth

It sounds like a simple enough question—when should I use my fog lights? Most drivers would answer that you need your fog lights only when it’s foggy out. But knowing exactly when to use your fog lights can actually be a bit tricky. In this article, we’ll cover the rules and regulations on fog lights, plus some safety tips to make sure you’re using your fog lights the right way.

What`s the Difference between Kelvins and Lumens?

2019-10-18 09:46:59 by Daniel Charlesworth

Shopping for car bulbs can leave you feeling confused, especially when it comes to all the technical terms you’re bound to encounter. Terms like Watts, Kelvins, and Lumens all give valuable information about a bulb, but they’re useless if you don’t know what they mean. In this article, we’ll answer some common questions about Kelvins and Lumens to help you understand the difference and choose the best bulbs for your needs.

What`s the Difference between Dipped Beam and High Beam?

2019-10-08 12:49:43 by Daniel Charlesworth

Most drivers know there’s a difference between dipped beam and high beam headlights. Yet not everyone understands just what that difference is. Often, drivers misuse their high beam headlights. Not only is this annoying for other drivers, it can be unsafe. Understanding the difference between dipped beam and high beam headlights can make you more knowledgeable about your vehicle’s inner workings and make you a better driver.

What is an H7 Bulb?

2019-09-23 09:47:46 by Daniel Charlesworth

There are all different kinds of bulbs for your car. Knowing the difference between bulb types and determining which bulb is best for your needs can be tricky. Understanding each kind of bulb available will help you make the best choice when purchasing bulbs. In this article, we’ll focus on just one type of bulb—the H7 bulb.

What is an H4 Bulb?

2019-09-17 14:53:23 by Daniel Charlesworth

For those unfamiliar with the many kinds of headlight bulbs, figuring out the difference between each bulb can be confusing. Knowing more about the differences between various automotive bulbs and fittings will help you shop for the best bulbs for your car. In this article, we’ll learn more about the H4 bulb and its uses.

What is a Bi-Xenon Headlight?

2019-09-16 10:52:12 by Daniel Charlesworth

There are many different types of headlights, from halogen to LED to HID. Each of these comes with its own pros and cons, and choosing the right kind of headlight from the wide range of options can be tricky. One popular option among consumers is the bi-xenon headlight. In this article, we’ll discuss what exactly a bi-xenon headlight is and why you might want them in your car.

How To Install Side Indicator Bulbs

2019-08-29 11:35:32 by Daniel Charlesworth

Changing or installing car bulbs is a simple vehicle maintenance task that just about anyone can do themselves. Installing side indicator bulbs is especially quick and easy. You won’t need any special tools or expertise. Skip an expensive visit to the mechanic and change your side indicator bulbs at home.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Car Headlights?

2019-07-30 15:41:51 by Daniel Charlesworth

When a car headlight goes out, it can be a big inconvenience. Not only do you have to worry about the possibility of getting a ticket, you also have to think about the cost of replacing your headlight. Many drivers head straight to their local mechanic and pay an exorbitant fee to have their headlights replaced.  But replacing your car headlights doesn’t have to be expensive.

Read on to learn the real cost of replacing car headlights.

How Long Should Headlights Last?

2019-07-11 12:52:34 by Daniel Charlesworth

Replacing headlight bulbs can be annoying and expensive, even if you do it yourself. Short-lived bulbs that burn out too soon are frustrating for drivers and a waste of money. But most drivers aren’t sure how long their headlights should really last. That’s because the answer depends on many factors.

Read on to find out how long you should expect your headlight bulbs to last.

Where Can The C5W Bulb Be Used?

2019-06-17 09:51:20 by Emma Samardzija

With all the different types of car bulbs out there, it can be confusing to try and figure out where each bulb goes. One individual car can have dozens of lights - from the headlights, to indicators, to tail lights. So, where does the C5W bulb fit in? 

Read on to learn more about the C5W bulb and its uses.

How To Install Philips LEDs In Your Vehicle

2019-06-03 15:51:33 by Emma Samardzija

Installing new bulbs in your vehicle can be tricky. Every make, model, and manufacturer has a different method, which can vary in difficulty. We know that if you're a first-timer, or even a seasoned pro, replacing your halogen bulbs with LED can be a daunting prospect.

To help make things easier, we've compiled a list of six popular vehicles - Audi A1, BMW 1-Series, BMW 3-Series, BMW X1, Citroen DS3, and Dacia Duster - and put together a step-by-step guide for installing Philips LED headlight bulbs. These guides should help you see the process of replacing a bulb and how simple it can be to do.

Please remember that this is a guide only. If you're struggling to replace your bulbs, take your vehicle to a local auto-electrician who will be able to help you.